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University of Pécs Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Department of Biophysics The city of Pécs

Research Foundations:

Hungarian Scientific Research Fund Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Wellcome Trust Human Frontier Science Program
European Molecular Biology Organisation EU FP6

Links to a few other sites of interest:

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Allan Lab Meberg Lab
Amberg Lab Merdes Lab
Bamburg Lab Mitchison Lab
Blanchoin Lab Molecular Motors Group in York
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Carlier Lab Pollard Lab
Cooper Lab Robinson Lab
Gelfand Lab Schleicher Lab
Geeves Lab Small Lab
Hannappel Lab (Vic Small: A video Tour of Cell Motility)
Higgs Lab Sullivan Lab
Hussey Lab The Cytokinesis Mafia
Ingberg Lab Theriot Lab
Kellermayer Lab Tyers Lab
Kendrick_Jones Lab Waterman-Storer Lab
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Machesky Lab  

Cytoskeletal Lab Collection at
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