15-18 August, 2007

We organised the IV. International Conference on Molecular Recognition in Pecs, Hungary. For further information please visit

1st of July, 2005

With the generous permission from the publisher 'S. Karger AG, Basel' we put the scanned pdf version of the Studies I-II-III to the web page under the 'Archives'. These volumes contain classic papers, involving the one at the beginning of Studies II by F. B. Straub, which first used the word 'actin', and thus is considered as the paper which named actin. Andrew G. Szent-Györgyi kindly wrote an introduction with historical background to the volumes, for which we are grateful to him.

2nd of September, 2004

We officially started our web page today (though many items are still under construction) marking the 30th anniversary of the first appearance of the Internet. Please, give us your feedback and suggestions through the connections given on the main page.

Hystory flash from 'Although today's Internet was launched in 1983, its development started in back in the 1960s. The first ever connection of the ARPANET (predecessor of today's Internet) was with University College London and Kjeller Norway in 1973.'